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The Hotel

Chirripo Art Hotel redefines the essence of luxury for the discerning traveler. For us, this is the blend of nature's serenity, artful experiences, and undisturbed peace—a sense of being deeply connected to what truly enriches our souls. Our space is crafted using genuine materials and echoes the beauty of our surroundings, offering modern yet timeless design. Each interaction, every decor choice, and every offering is curated with intent and elegance, crafting moments that stand still in time. At Chirripo Art Hotel, we invite you to not just witness, but to live these moments. Your stay with us includes all meals prepared by our chef with breakfast and dinner served in our on-site restaurant Fucsia, and a gourmet packed lunch ready for you to take on your day's adventures.

boutique casita in costa rica rainforest
bespoke artistic lighting in al fresco dining area
white crested coquette in costa rica rainforest
white faced monkey in costa rica rainforest
al fresco dining in costa rica rainforest

our stories

The heartbeat of Chirripo Art Hotel is its people. From the intricate art that adorns our walls to the gourmet meals crafted by Chef Jeffry Gonzales, every touchpoint is a testament to passionate craftsmanship. Whether it's guiding you to a hidden waterfall, serving a refreshing local beverage, or simply ensuring a comfortable night's sleep, our goal is to seamlessly blend discovery with relaxation. Here, you are not just a guest; you are part of a narrative.

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